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Nimble Device

How does the Nimble device work?

In short: It's complicated. The long answer is: Nimble uses pioneering AI and machine vision technology along with a series of complex algorithms which scan each fingertip to assess and identify the shape and where each nail starts and ends. The devi

What are the technical specifications of the Nimble device?

Weight: 8Kg / 18lbs. Length: 345mm  / 13.58”. Width: 327mm / 12.87”. Height: 258mm / 10.16”. External power supply: 110v.

What voltage is the device using?


Does Nimble use an external battery or does have to be plugged in?

Nimble needs to be plugged into a power supply in order to work.

Why does Nimble need WiFi to work?

The Nimble device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to receive updates and instructions from your phone as well as our server.  Nimble requires a 2.4gHZ connection.

Can I share Nimble with friends and family?

The Nimble device can absolutely be shared among family members and friends.  Our proprietary technology scans and sizes your nails every time for an accurate reading, so it works with other people as well - the more the merrier!. Currently, only one

Is it safe for my child to use Nimble?

The Nimble device is designed for people ages 16 and above. People under 18 must have a parent present to operate the Nimble device.

Where can I download the app?

The Nimble Beauty app is available to download in the Apple or Android app stores. You can also click here to download it.  Download it for seamless set up of your device, to select your manicure type, and to follow along with your manicures.

Does Nimble paint my toes too?

We are always listening to the community and taking it under consideration to add painting toes in the future. Nimble will constantly evolve and you will always be the first to know when there are updates.

Can Nimble do a French manicure or nail art?

We aim for precision in everything we do, so currently we are focused on optimizing our ability to paint fingers.  However, we plan to release hardware and/or software updates that allow for more capabilities like French manicures and pedicures in th

Does the Nimble Device come with nail polish capsules?

The Nimble Device and polish capsules are sold separately. Polish Capsules can be purchased here.