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Nimble Polish Capsules

How many manicures can I get with one capsule set?

Each capsule set comes with a base coat, a color, and a top coat. Each set guarantees at least one flawless manicure for 10 fingers, but could be up to two applications (20 fingers) within six hours of opening by the Nimble device.

What are the ingredients in the nail polishes?

All of Nimble's polishes are long-lasting, vegan, cruelty-free, and 13-free.  A full ingredient list can be found online by color and on your capsule set.

Are these 33 colors it, or will you be adding more?

Nimble is proud to share our first Foundational Capsule Collection of 33 shades, which covers the spectrum of classic reds and pinks to beigey nudes and fun pops of colors - but this is just the beginning!  We will continue to offer seasonal and limi

What is the Shimmer top coat?

Each capsule set comes with a base coat, a color of your choice, and high gloss top coat. We also offer a capsule set of three top coats called Shimmer. Shimmer is our glitter top coat, designed to add a translucent glitter to any color you choose!

Is there a black in your color line-up?

In our Foundational Capsule Collection, our variation on a black is shade #27, ‘Confessions’ - with 2 coats of color (which is what the device will paint), it reads as black with a very slight purple undertone.

Is there a white in your color line-up?

In our Foundational Capsule Collection, our variation on a white is #20, ‘Whipped’, which reflects the perfect icing of a creamy white.

Do you have gel polish available?

Nimble uses regular polish that is vegan, cruelty-free, 13-free, and long-lasting (up to 7 days).  It can easily be removed by acetone or non-acetone nail polish remover.  By having a Nimble device at home, you are able to touch-up manicures should y

Can I fill the capsules with my own nail polish?

The capsules are designed specifically for Nimble's vegan, cruelty-free, 13-free nail polish. It is not possible, nor recommended, to fill/refill the capsules using your own polish. Doing so may cause damage to the device and will almost certianly ca

How do I remove your nail polish?

Our nail polish comes off easily with any acetone or non-acetone polish remover!  No need to soak and remove like gel polish.

Does Nimble work on nail extensions (acrylic, hard gel, soft gel, etc.)?

As of now we've only been doing R&D on natural, polish/gel free nails. 🌱 But we won't rule out extensions in the future, especially if our community wants it!

How do I prep my nails for a manicure?

Check out our blog post on how to prep your nails for the best possible manicure.

Do I have to remove my own nail polish first?

Nimble works best with a clean slate so you will need to remove your nail polish first.  From there you're only one button away from a flawless manicure!